Lightyear is an cartoon film by Disney and Pixar about a Space Ranger called Buzz Lightyear. Film production company features the very first gay kiss in a Pixar feature film. However , it has been banned in several international markets.

The story of Lightyear revolves around Buzz Lightyear, who is a masculine hero within a racially different Space Ranger outfit. In addition to the same-sex kiss among Buzz and Alisha Hawthorne, the movie also contains LGBTQ+ themes.

Disney comes with faced controversy over their depiction of same-sex connections in past videos. It has recently been accused of censoring gay memories and heroes in its movies. In March, staff from the Walt Disney Company released an open letter to CEO Frank Chapek, stating that the company has a history of censoring stories and character types that include LGBTQ+ heroes.

After the backlash via Disney staff, Disney reversed its insurance plan on gay content. The company vowed to take a financial struck in order to encourage awareness of the LGBTQ+ community.

The controversy has led a couple of countries to exclude the film from theaters. It has recently been flagged to get review by film censorship agencies in Malaysia and Indonesia. In the Combined Arab Emirates, it is not licensed to get public tests. Earlier, completely also been banned in Saudi Persia.

Reacting to the repercussion, Disney promised to re-do Lightyear. Yet after the controversy, the company was unable to safeguarded the necessary permission to show it in 13 Asian and Middle Asian countries.